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Due to changes around VAT, import tax and handling fees to Europe and no clear pathway for smaller business to pay on these charges directly to the EU we are offering 2 options for puchasing from us:

1. You can purchase from this website as previously with the clear understanding that all possible VAT, import taxes and handling fees will be paid by you, on your end as per your country's new agreements with the UK

2. You can email us on  Please use 'EU Order' in the subject line of your email and clearly state the yarn, colour and quantities you'd like to order.

We will then raise an invoice for you in Etsy - a platform that is currently acting as an EU broker for small businesses, charging any VAT, import tax and handling charges upfront at checkout.  You will receive the Etsy invoice for the order with all the charges clearly included and will not be charged any extra on receipt in your country.

We are sincerely hoping that this will be a temporary measure and further clarification will come soon from the UK Gov but this is the best workaround we can come up with from a small business such as ours at present. 

Thank you so much for bearing with us at this challenging time - Angela



From Lamb to Ewe!   Tartan and Tweed and all things textiles.   Weavers without looms, keeping tradition alive.

Scotch Tweed is a family run concern with a wealth of experience working in the scottish textiles trade.  We are passionate about scottish woven cloth and its quality which is second to none.   We are continually sourcing and weaving tweeds, tartans and textile products, it's not just a business to us but our way of life.   Based in Selkirk in the heart of The Scottish Borders we are in traditional scottish weaving country and are proud to continue to work within this traditional industry



Scotch Tweed