Guardian of Scotland Tartan Collection

Guardian of Scotland Tartan Collection

The Guardian of Scotland Tartan Story

A tartan that spans the centuries..........

Without doubt, two of the most important men in Scottish history over the past thousand years were William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. It is also unique that they lived at the same time and actually knew each other.

After the Battle of Stirling Brig’ in 1297, Wallace led his army back to the Ettrick Forest and its capital, Selkirk. The Royal and Ancient Burgh of Selkirk was described as “a very old town” by King David I in 1133. It was here, near the ancient Kirk o’ The Forest, that Bruce and the Nobles conferred the title “Guardian of Scotland” on the young man who had led the Scots in the rout of the English. All of Scotland’s ruling classes were there and it is fitting that a new memorial tartan has been designed and produced in Selkirk.

The designer of the new tartan, Gerald Reilly, a Souter* of Selkirk, designed the Guardian of Scotland tartan to encompass the rich colours of Bruce and Wallace tartans, the true blue and scarlet of Selkirk and the Saltire of St Andrew.  Gerald says “What better reason could there be than to commemorate the meeting in Selkirk, of two of the greatest men in Scottish history, when one conferred this great honour on the other.”

The Kirk o’ The Forest is a hugely significant historical site in Scotland’s story and not only did Wallace and Bruce worship there, the maternal ancestors of the US President Franklin D Roosevelt are buried there.

"Once again The Bruce and Wallace meet In a weave of tartan with sett complete"

*Souter – a native of Selkirk

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